Aluna Sagita

Aluna Sagita is the full name of Gita. She is a pop singer, seriosa singer, musician, song creator, world's first youngest music producer, a TV/Radio/Magazine commerce star, and an actress. Gita is also the first daughter of the popular Indonesian composer Erwin Gutawa. So, she better known by the name Gita Gutawa. Born on the 11th of August, 1993, this girl has now graduated economics at Birmingham University (UK) this year, 2014.

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Gita's Hits Singles

Your Love (Duet with Delon) - Sempurna (OST “Love”) - Tak Perlu Keliling Dunia - Salam Ramadhan (Duet with Haddad Alwy) - Dua Hati Menjadi Satu (OST “Love”) - Meraih Mimpi (OST “Meraih Mimpi” - Cinta Takkan Salah (Duet with Derby Romero) (OST “Love In Perth”) - Ayo (Come On) - Rangkaian Kata (Mini Album) - Hingga Akhir Waktu

"Ayo (Come On)"
"Rangkaian Kata"
"Hingga Akhir Waktu"

Our country (Indonesia) should be more advanced and all problems solved. I hope our nation can be known in other countries but with a good reputation, and we also need more love our country with all that is therein.

Aluna Sagita, 28th of Oktober, 2009

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